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I started this blog a long time ago as when it was "What's Cooking at My house" and before my mad photography skills kicked in and before we went gluten free. With that said you never know what you might find here. There's a little something for everyone I believe. But my hope is to provide more recipes with better photos to tempt your tummy. *smile*

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

EASY No-Bake Cookies!

I love easy, I love quick and I LOVE chocolate.
So this is the perfect cookie!

I'm a kind of throw it in there until it looks right kind of gal so these are estimations.
1 3/4 cup of chocolate chips
1/2 cup of milk
1/2 stick of butter
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup of shredded coconut (optional)
2-3 cups of oatmeal (not instant)

In a large saucepan, SLOWLY melt chocolate chips, milk and butter over low heat. (Don't rush this or chocolate will scorch and that's just nasty. (TRUST ME!)
When completely melted, bring to a slow boil and boil for one minute.
Remove from heat and add vanilla and mix well.
Add coconut and enough oatmeal to be able to mix up all the chocolate and cover the oatmeal.
You want to be able to drop by spoonfuls on wax paper. You don't want them runny.
Start with the 2 cups of oatmeal and slow add more as needed.
Drop by spoonfuls on wax paper that's been placed on a cookie sheet and refrigerate for 1/2 an hour or less. You want the cookie to set up nicely and this speeds it along.
We actually find that leaving them in the fridge makes them taste better and they hold up better.

You can let them set up on the counter but it takes longer and who wants to wait to eat chocolate? Not me!



Thena said...

I've never seen a recipe of them using chocolate chips, or coconut. I use cocoa, peanut butter, oatmeal, and pecans in mine.

Barbara said...

Oh my kids really love these, I used to make them when they were small, they ask every now and then about me making some, thanks and nice cooking blog too, Hugs Barbara from

Deborah Ann said...

My mom made something like that - except they had peanut butter instead of chocolate. Man, how I wish I had that recipe! I guess I should have hung around the kitchen more...