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I started this blog a long time ago as when it was "What's Cooking at My house" and before my mad photography skills kicked in and before we went gluten free. With that said you never know what you might find here. There's a little something for everyone I believe. But my hope is to provide more recipes with better photos to tempt your tummy. *smile*

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Easy Hummus

I love hummus and this is a very easy recipe to make.


15 oz. can organic chick peas (garbanzo beans), drained
1/2 cup raw sesame seeds
1 1/2 TBS. Olive Oil
Juice of 2 Lemons ( I squeeze them over a small mesh strainer)
1 clove of garlic
Salt and Pepper to taste


I have been blessed by a Vita Mix Machine and that is what I use for this sort of stuff but you can try your blender or even a food processor for this.
Place all the ingredients in the above order in your machine and turn on high for 1 minute.
If you don't have a Vita Mix with the tamper then you will probably have to stop and scrap the hummus down and blend periodically to get it all incorporated. Dump in a bowl. ( Don't you love how technical I am?)
Then just grab some chips or pita bread and enjoy!

For a tasty twist you can add roasted red peppers to this mix and it adds really great flavor.
Even a little dash of hot sauce can kick it up!
Do your own experimenting and let me know what you come up with.


Patti said...

I'm having a problem getting your main blog to load today, so I thought I'd leave a comment on this one. I LOVE hummus!! Only problem is, I can eat the whole recipe by myself...a whole 16 oz. can of chick peas all to myself.

I don't use raw sesame seeds, though. I buy tahini (sesame butter). But we got some toasted sesame seeds in a Christmas gift package, so I'm thinking that using them for a recipe of hummus sounds really good for later today.


Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

I think I would really like this with the roasted red peppers. Sounds good, my friend!

Devita said...

Wow! I never know what humus like. Do you mind if you include the picture of it sweetheart?

Sherry said...

This sounds delish!!